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Please find a full list of our 2016 Crouch Yacht Club Prize Winners below.


Prize winners 2016 

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Autumn Series Race 4

Ten boats were on the start line for the fourth race of eight in the Crouch Yacht Club Autumn Series. Light and fickle winds starting in the North and becoming more Easterly through the race ensured close racing. On the gun, Mark Lyons in Martinique was straddling the line, perpendicular to the bank and called OCS. He was held up from returning as other boats set their spinnakers for the shy reach up river, but did find a gap and clear the line, leaving him a little way off the leaders.
Glorious Fools owned by Digger Harden and Pete Jackson got a great start, and led the fleet up river, having got their large pink spinnaker up and full quickly. Duncan Haley’s Corby 29, Double Trouble got into second on the water, chasing hard on the heels of the J80. Mantra, Phillip Harbott’s Aphrodite 101 started on the South shore and reached across to the North Shore at the corner by the Yacht Harbour, slotting into fourth behind the Brooks’ Dehler 33 Sapphire. In IRC, Duncan got through Glorious Fools after rounding Canewdon to head back down to Number 9, but couldn’t shake the J80 off. Sapphire worked hard and stayed close to the leading two, but couldn’t get close enough to save their time.
In the Local Handicap fleet, Rupert Brown’s Contessa 32 Zora sailed well to stay in touch with Grace and Danger the SJ27 owned by Roger Noble, Andrew Courts and Stephen Gosling and Martinique, the Dehler 34 owned by Mark Lyons. Dave Smith in his T24 Goosander sailed well, and was close to Andy Heel’s Bella Vela, who were just two up. Contessa of Weston, Ian Hewitt‘s Contessa 26 also sailing two up raced well to finish in sixth.
In IRC on corrected time Glorious Fools won with Double Trouble second, Sapphire third and Mantra fourth. In local handicap, Rupert Brown’s Contessa Zora won by 29 seconds from Grace and Danger, with Martinique third, Goosander fourth. Bella Vela took fifth followed by Contessa of Weston.

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Autumn Series Race 5

Mist and no wind greeted the sailors racing from the Crouch Yacht Club today. Patience from both the principal race officer and the fleet saw a start at 11.45 instead of 10.30, and a course that had the boats doing short windward leeward laps in front of the club on a course locally known as round the houses

The J80 Glorious Fools owned by Digger Harden and Pete Jackson got the best start, with the Corby 29 Double Trouble getting good boat speed to take the lead on the water. Paul Trueman in his X37 Exile, out for the first time this series and racing just two up, also got a good start, rounding Number 9 just behind Glorious Fools. Sapphire, Mantra, Martinique and Grace and Danger all spent longer to get to the mark, with the patchy wind and strong spring tide causing issues. Contessa of Weston also struggled against the tide, and took some time to get going.

The SJ27 Grace and Danger owned by Stephen Gosling, Roger Noble and Andrew Courts rounded Number 9 next, followed by the Brooks’ Dehler 33, Sapphire. Before Mantra and Martinique could round Number 9 for the first time, they were lapped by Double Trouble who had already rounded 11. The leaders in IRC stayed together for a bit, but Duncan Haley in Double Trouble managed to creep further ahead of them. Exile settled into second, with Glorious Fools struggling to round Number 11.

Class Three were shortened after two laps, with the lower rated Grace and Danger beating Mark Lyons in in the bigger Dehler 34, Martinique. Grace and Danger won on corrected time, with Martinique second. The Contessa 26 owned by Ian Hewitt, Contessa of Weston retired.

In IRC, Double Trouble were first in by 22 minutes from Exile, with Glorious Fools a further 6 and a half minutes adrift. Sapphire had closed the gap on Glorious Fools and came in a couple of minutes behind them. Phillip Harbott’s Mantra, the Aphrodite 101 came in fifth, having struggled to get going. Digger Harden and Pete Jackson’s Glorious Fools leads the series on count back from Double Trouble. In Class 3, Grace and Danger lead.

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Autumn Series Race 6

Despite a poor forecast, sunshine greeted the fleet today at Burnham.  Eight boats started in breezy conditions, with the cold westerly breeze at around 15 knots, gusting into the 20s. The fair tide windward start saw two boats  being recalled OCS; Phillip Harbott’s Aphrodite 101 Mantra and Digger Harden and Pete Jackson’s J80 Glorious Fools.  Both returned and started the race, but not before Duncan Haley’s Corby 29 Double Trouble had got away and already stretching a good lead.
Martin Brooks’ Sapphire was heading downriver on the gun, but fortunately had cleared the line,  and could turn round immediately to start. Zora, the Contessa 32 belonging to Rupert Brown, Ian Hewitt’s Contessa 26, Contessa of Weston both were close to the line and got good starts, with the SJ27 Grace and Danger owned by Stephen Gosling, Roger Noble and Andrew Courts and little off the line, starting just before Mantra completed her recall.
The fleet beat up river to Cliff,  with a fetch to above Canewdon then another beat to Short Pole Reach, which is just down river of the Fambridge moorings. In IRC, Double Trouble led, with the J80 chasing hard. Sapphire were close behind in third, with Mantra a little behind,  having been last to start. In the Local Handicap fleet, Mark Lyons in his Dehler 34, Martinique, led, with the Contessa 32 in second on the water. Grace and Danger were in third, with Contessa of Weston in fourth.
The race officer shortened Local Handicap on their way down to Number 9. Martinique took line honours, finishing under white sail, having dropped their kite at the corner.  Zora came down next and flew her spinnaker from the Essex Marina pushing hard to make up her time on others in the class.  Grace and Danger came down under white sails, as did Contessa of Weston who came in fourth. Zora won on corrected time, with Martinique second and Grace and Danger third. Grace and Danger still lead the series.
IRC rounded Number 9 and went back up to Cliff Reach . The fleet stayed in their order, with Glorious Fools second to Double Trouble on the water with  Sapphire close behind in third. Mantra sailed down to finish in fourth, setting her red asymmetric kite for the last leg from the yacht harbour to the line.
On corrected time, Glorious Fools won, with Double Trouble second, Sapphire third and Mantra fourth.

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